Charlie really likes his new dog toy/chew. It’s called a Ruff Root and this is the first time we have ever tried one.

The following information is from the company… Ruff Roots are 100% natural dog toys that serve as an alternative to rubber or plastic toys. Ruff Roots originate from the roots of shrubs or trees in the Mediterranean Heathlands. All Ruff Roots are hand-harvested and eco-sustainably sourced from Spain. ┬áRuff Roots are great chew toys for furniture chewers or any dog that loves to play with sticks. Unlike sticks or furniture wood, Ruff Roots do not splinter. They serve as a natural toothbrush.

Ruff Roots are also great teething toys for growing puppies! Ruff Roots are best for keen and powerful chewers. They are extremely long lasting.

The one I bought is a medium size for dogs under 65 lbs.

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