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The dogs get excited every month when their BarkBox arrives in the mail! If you haven’t tried it yet you should. It’s a fun way to get great toys and treats delivered to your door each month. The picture above is what came in our March BarkBox.

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These Golden nuggets from the makers of Yeti Dog Chews are really interesting. You MUST microwave them before you give them to your dog so they will puff up!

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The picture below shows what they look like before and after microwaving them.  They puff up twice the size and are easier to break apart.

Eve's iphone dog pics 036

I broke one up and gave small pieces to each one of my dogs to try it and they all loved it (even little Annabelle).  I had never seen these before!

The green toy is Charlie’s new favorite!!

Eve's iphone dog pics 033

Hurry up and throw my toy!!

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