Read below what our clients have to say about us and our services!

Hi Eve,
We wanted to send a huge thank you for the improvement we have seen in Luna since you came out for a private lesson! By the second day she was sleeping through the night and within a week her mouthing was dramatically reduced! A large part of that we think is connected to implementing the passive restraint. Now she is even beginning to enjoy what we call “forced snuggle time.” It’s wonderful to see our lovable, puppy learning how to be a functioning part of our family!

Thank you again!

Sam and John

Jennie is my baby and Eve has been there for her and for us during the best of times and the worst of times. As a small pup, Jennie was a handful. We had difficulties with potty training and play biting and handling her “puppy frenzies.” Eve worked with us on those issues; she trains Jennie and provides dog owner therapy for me and my husband, talking us through the tough times. When we travel we’ve left Jennie in Eve’s care repeatedly. We receive little videos like this one. We know that Jennie couldn’t have better care.
Wendy and Jennie, Bellevue, WA

I just wanted to say a most sincere thank you for taking such wonderful care of Mack….he honestly came back a happier dog.
We are looking at options for end of February – beginning of March. Before we book, we will make sure you have space.
Thank you again.
Jonathan and Mack, Kirkland, WA

Thank you, Eve for taking care of Annie. Whenever we get close to your house she gets so excited. It really makes our trips more enjoyable knowing that she is with you, happy and contented.
Judy Pemerl and Annie, Woodinville, WA

Hi Eve,
It was so nice to meet you yesterday. I feel like you are my fairy godmother as well. We are implementing your suggestions with the gates, and the pups are very happy with more play dates with each other.
See you in class on Friday.
Rita Chan and Rocket & Bubba, Kirkland, WA

Hi Eve,
Thanks for coming over this afternoon and teaching me about how to work with Tucker. It was fun to see him respond and learn so quickly. It is also fun for me to watch you… I can tell you are doing what you love!
Judy Pratt and Tucker, Redmond, WA

Hi Eve, I just wanted to check in with you and first of all let you know how great your training session was. George is doing awesome and we have been using many of your techniques and it’s helped a lot with the jumping and nipping. Thank you! Also, your tip on the raisins was very timely, just two days later we turned to see George munching on a box of raisins that our son had left on the floor (despite my warnings about George not having raisins) and had to take him to the vet to have his stomach pumped (they found four raisins in his stomach). So that was great that you told us that.
Thanks so much! Hope you’re doing well!
Lissy Des Voigne and George, Lake Forrest Park, WA

Hi, Eve.
I have to tell you that the “holding puppy tightly” technique is absolutely amazing. The first two or three days Pilot wriggled and bit, and it took a long time to settle her down. I used the technique when she was in hyper mode after playing with Augie (my 8 year old PWD) or after coming in from outside. Once she finally calmed down she was ready to sleep or just be her usual nice temperament when playing again.
By day 4 I could pick her up, put her in position and she would fall asleep almost immediately (from hyper mode). I demonstrated this to a colleague at work and he was amazed that I could pick up this bouncy, curious, crazy thing and have it asleep within a minute (in a “strange” environment).
Thank you so much for the “training.” I wish I’d known this technique for my first puppy.
Renee Smith and Pilot, Redmond, WA

Thanks Eve! I really think you should get your own show on TLC or Bravo or something – I think you’re better than the Dog Whisperer!
Deepthi Krishnan and Yogi, Seattle, WA

I just wanted to thank you for your visit today. You are a fountain of knowledge! I am so glad we were able to meet early on so that we can stop some of our bad habits and be the owners that Lucy deserves.
Heather & Ken Kelley and Lucy, Bellevue, WA

I just wanted to say thanks again for taking Sierra. She is doing great. We all see a big difference in her behavior. I picked up one of those collars you showed me and that has helped when taking her on walks. I feel better having her more under control. Everyone is enjoying her more. Thanks so much and I am sure we will see you again.
Sandy Cummings and Sierra, Redmond, WA

My husband and I called Eve when it became clear that our adorable puppy Marley had completely taken over our lives — and not in a good way. I work from home, and absolutely nothing was getting done with her underfoot! Within 24 hours of Eve’s visit, everything changed. Marley was still our spirited puppy, but I could work with her her in the room, take a shower without fear, get in a workout, or leave to meet a client without stressing out. Marley’s “problem behaviors” also virtually stopped overnight. She is still a puppy, but the jumping-up and mouthing have been reduced by 90% or better. Eve’s work with Marley has given us our “real life” back, and succeeded in making our baby a happy, well-mannered member of our family. We would reccomend her to absolutely anyone!
Kindra & Andrew Reid and Marley, Kirkland, WA

We cannot say enough good things about Eve, Adelle, Lewis & their family!! We had to travel cross country to Seattle for a huge surgery & made special arrangements to bring our Min-Pin, Miles, with us. We knew he would be happier having company while I spent 10 days in the hospital. Eve is such a dog person, she spent at least 40 minutes acquainting herself with Miles & helping him meet the other dogs in her family. Their home is exactly the environment we had in mind. We wanted Miles to be right with their family when he could not be with us. Her back yard is big yet safe & a doggie heaven! Miles returned to us well rested & happy. He seemed to enjoy his time at his Fairy Dogmother’s tremendously! We’d recommend My Fairy Dogmother to everyone! And a huge thanks to Eve for taking such good care of Miles, especially in our time of crisis!
Britani & Philip Holloway and Miles, -, ME

Earlier this spring, my wife and I decided to get a puppy. After doing our research we decided on a Vizsla and located a reputable breeder. The next litter was due in April and we could take him home eight weeks later in late June. Soon after we put down our deposit, my brother-in-law announced his wedding date was to be over the 4th of July weekend. By that time, we would only have had our puppy for one week! We were really torn about what to do. Should we try and take him with us? Should we put him in a kennel? Neither option sounded very good to us. A ride on an airplane would be stressful enough and boarding him in a kennel was not the experience we wanted him to have so early.
After doing some research online, I came across a link to My Fairy Dogmother on the Puppy Manners website, which also happened to be the obedience school we had enrolled our puppy in. My Fairly Dogmother offered puppy sitting services in a safe home environment, where our puppy would have the opportunity to socialize with other dogs and be able to continue his potty training. Perfect!
I immediately contacted Eve Pickard of My Fairy Dogmother to find out more. Eve explained to me that she only took in 2, and on rare occasions 3, puppies into her home at any given time. She would continue early puppy training and would take our puppy to class at Puppy Manners during his stay. Moreover, she gave me all kinds of tips to get ready for the arrival or our new puppy. I was already feeling at ease about leaving our puppy with her during our trip.
The day we were to pick up our puppy to bring home for the first time, I contacted Eve to confirm his reservation at My Fairy Dogmother. I had mentioned to Eve that it had been a while since I had a puppy and was a little nervous. Moreover, this was going to be my wife’s first puppy and she didn’t feel like she was fully prepared for this. Then she told me about her puppy consultation service, where she comes to your home to help you prepare for your new arrival. So I immediately took Eve up on her offer.
That turned out to be the right decision. Our little guy was pretty scared when we brought him home and seemed very shy. Eve gave us some great tips on how to get him comfortable and relaxed being with us. In addition, she gave us feeding instructions, recommendations on food, treats, and potty training. She also inspected the house for any dangerous items that a puppy could get into. I can’t tell you how much that helped. We were more confident handling our puppy, he quickly broke out of his shy phase and was more confident in social situations, and we got a head start on teaching good habits. If you’re going to bring home a new puppy, I strongly recommend a consultation from My Fairy Dogmother.
Finally, the day came to drop our puppy off at My Fairy Dogmother. Eve introduced us to her family and then introduced our puppy to her own dogs. After a few cautious moments, our puppy was playing with the other dogs and having a wonderful time. We thought he was going to be sad and that we were going to feel bad for dropping him off in a strange place. But instead, our little guy was having such a great time that he didn’t even notice we left the room! Eve assured us he would have a good time and would also not forget us!
We left for the wedding feeling great and feeling confident in our decision to board him at My Fairy Dogmother. We were able to enjoy our trip knowing he was in Eve’s care. When we returned our puppy was a little bit bigger, more confident, and well on his way to being a socialized puppy. And, yes, he still remembered us and was very excited to go home!
Michael Briles and Winston, Issaquah, WA

We were nervous about leaving our five-month-old puppy with someone elsefor four days, but when we came to pick up Kodi he was having such a blast that he didn’t want to come home! We really appreciated the photo album of our pup playing with his new buddies, as well as Eve’s suggestions for what to work on with Kodi’s training.
Jen and Eric Haupt and Kodi, Bellevue, WA

Eve Pickard truly is our KD’s Fairy Dogmother. We found ourselves needing to find a puppy sitter at the last minute and Eve came to our rescue. Having never met Eve before we both felt comfortable when we left KD with her. When we picked our little girl up she was happy and healthy and obviously well cared for. We will never trust our little girl with anyone else when we go on vacation.
Kira Mosler and KD, Des Moines, WA

When we got back from our short getaway, it was evident that Ginger had been completely integrated within Eve’s family and showed so many signs of having thrived there and having been well treated that we were debating which one of us had had the better time 🙂 – she got the fairy dogmother treatment for sure.
Tom Pichard and Ginger, Woodinville, WA

Once again thank you for taking such good care of Riley. The photo album was a very nice treat and we really appreciated everything. Riley seems to be doing just fine at home.
Scott and Diann Edwards and Riley, Bellevue, WA

Whether it’s just for a day, or being out of town on business for 2 weeks, I trust Eve entirely with my two puppies. Josie and Cora always have fun, and I enjoy how they are taken in as part of the family during their visits. Lewis, their assistant lab, makes a wonderful play companion and has a calming effect on Josie and Cora. Any overnight stay is more like a puppy slumber party than just being away from home!
Eve has the talent of letting my puppies be puppies through lots of playtime, helping with training in a positive, patient manner, and providing them with a very cozy puppy room for their resting times. She enjoys what she does and it’s easy to see. As an example, Eve created a photo album for me of the pups’ adventures during their stays. I felt this was a very personal touch, and for me, shows her dedication to their well being by seeing how happy they are in every picture! For Josie and Cora, and my peace of mind, Eve really is a Fairy Dog Mother…
Delloney Wallyce and Josie and Cora, Seattle, WA

Just wanted to thank you again for taking care of Max. He loves your Bed and Breakfast (Lunch and Dinner). It is no surprise that he actually prefers your house over his own with the care and attention you give him. Thanks for helping him… work on his manners, he comes back a better dog every time. You are wonderful, thanks again.
Judy Becerril and Max, Woodinville, WA

Good morning, Eve. Mike and I cannot thank you enough for teaching us how to play with and take care of Pepper. It’s so amazing how much better her behavior has become within hours of you showing up! And she was extremely cuddly with us since last night, which she hasn’t been since we brought her home the first week. THANK YOU ?

Linh & Mike and Pepper, Kirkland, WA